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RMH Lachish Industries Ltd is an Israeli company established in 1956, and since then it has been actively involved in providing services to the agricultural sector by manufacturing and developing cattle feeding machinery to comply with the needs of the dairy farming and feedlot industry. Lachish Industries mixer are recognised world-wide under the brand name RMH.


RMH  manufactures and markets Mixer feeders to over 50 countries through distributors and dealers.

Our machines work every day throughout the year, so the service quality and spare parts availability are at the top of our mind.

Europe Stock


The subsidiary of Lachish Industries is located in the west of France, markets the machines throughout France and also maintains a warehouse for spare parts for assemblies and large parts to shorten the delivery time and reduce logistics costs, supports all distributors over Europe.

US Stock


Our main distributor on the East Coast has an extended spare parts inventory.

China stock

Support by Shanghai Eastfalia

Our main distributor on Shanghai has an extended spare parts inventory.

Russian Stock

Support by APK Programma And OOO “Raketa”

The main distributor in the Tatarstan region, focusing on spare parts support and service at RMH Feeding Center and Raketa Located in Ryazan for support center Russia with focusing on Self – Propelled.


RMH has more than 50 yeas of accumulated experience in developing, producing and supplying mixer feeders. In Israel, more than 50% of the cows receive their food from feeding centers. RMH has sold and successfully installed the mixer feeders for all of the feeding centers throughout Israel. The smallest feeding center operates 1 static mixer feeder and the largest feeding centers operate 8 mixer feeders. The equipment is heavy duty and is intended for strenuous work, between 8-14 hours per day and for many years.
RMH Industries exports 90% of its produced machinery. In addition, RMH has erected feeding centers in Vietnam, Turkey,Russia, S.Africa , US and China. The company has vast experience with providing technical support to its customers overseas.
RMH products are heavy duty and produced from superior quality materials. In all of RMH’s products, the mixing bin and augers are manufactured of 3CR12 special stainless steel. The metal is corrosion proof, acid resistant and extremely resistant to wear. 3CR12 is being used in the most crucial parts of the bin and other components of the machine.
The augers unique configuration is overlapping, which provides optimum mixing capabilities, right length of fiber, high homogenous mixing and smooth feed discharge with relatively low energy consumption.


Lachish Industries Ltd. is a leader in technological advancement in the field of food mixers, with dairy farmers and others who deal in the field of cowsheds and the breeding of cattle in Israel as an experimental site to develop and improve technologies. For this purpose, Lachish Industries Ltd. is in direct contact with most of the dairy farmers throughout Israel with sales and services channels to improve the dairy and cattle needs.

With the exception of Israel, most of the world sells through distributors or dealers supported by the company with an emphasis on the quality and reliability of the service.

Mobile service

The basic requirements for providing fast and professional service for machines that will be available 24/7 .to provide immediate response anytime, anywhere.

Technical Support

Our dealers are in direct contact with the technical support team at the factory on any subject of mechanical, electrical-hydraulic and control issues. The field technician is in direct contact with the clients and the factory support team gives the complete confidence in solving any problem or malfunction which arise.

Training and courses

In accordance with each market, an individual program is set up, including training, seminars, the introduction of work machines, etc. We see our distributors and dealers as the key to success and satisfaction of our customers.


The Export Department is in direct contact with the dealers for finding the quickest and most optimal solutions in every type of shipment.


כינוס אסיפה שנתית

תעשיות לכיש בע”מ (“החברה”)  החברה מודיעה בזאת על כינוס אסיפה שנתית של בעלי המניות של החברה (“האסיפה“) שתתקיים ביום ב’, 18 בדצמבר 2023 בשעה 12:00

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Exhibition 2019

RMH would like to thank you for  visiting our booth at China Dairy Show 2019 in Tianjin on 12th – 14th of July, 2019 See

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Lachish Industries is a leading company in its field known with the RMH brand name, developing, producing and marketing of feed mixers. During the course of 60 years of its operation, the company has developed great expertise in the matter; together with an experienced skilled team and the farmers around the world which focuses only on Mixer feeders only. The company has taken a leading role from a technological standpoint. The dairy farm in Israel is one of the most advanced in the world, with high performance levels, high outputs, great utilization of knowledge that has been accumulated over the years and handling of the activity interactions with great professionalism have all been factors in making this industry a great economic success.


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