Liberty 11-14

General Information

Liberty 11-14

[11, 12, 13, 14]

RMH Mechanical ECO Self-Propelled Mixers Liberty Family.

Available Capacity: Single auger 11m³ ,12m³ ,13m³ or 14m³.

The Liberty Is Maneuverable and agile self-Propelled Self-Loading thanks to the rear steering axle and compact physical dimensions, design for individual professional farm.
The Liberty has improved feed quality and waste reducing processing method.
The Liberty is energy efficient less than 0.85 Liter/TMR ton and highly reliable machine, with a range of features which reduce engine and pump wear and increase components´ life-time.
Load sensing hydraulic systems allow oil flow only when required. Diesel engine operates at 1700 rpm.
Main machine components are all manufactured by well-known manufactures – Deutz, Sauer Danfoss and Bosch Rexroth hydraulics.


RMH_Liberty brochure - Chinese_HR


Rear steering axle for better maneuvering in the barn.
Mixer bin one meter height from the floor made from 3CR12 Stainless steel.
Mixing - Motor with 2 speeds connecting axial to gearbox.
Chopper - Spiral facer with variable hydro-static Bosch Rexroth pump with cut-off pressure.
Luxury cabin with air-conditioning , Pneumatic Grammer seat.

Technical Specifications

Model Volume (m³) Height (cm) Length (M) Net Weight (Ton)Max Load (Ton)
Liberty11 112536.4768004500
Liberty12F 122686.6172004500
Liberty13 XL 132656.8773005000
Liberty14 142816.8582005200
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