Premium (115-160 Cows/cycle)

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Premium (115-160 Cows/cycle)

[15, 17, 19, 21, 22, 23]

RMH 4WD & 4WS Self-Propelled Mixers Premium Family. Available Capacity: Twin auger 15m3 to 24m3.The Premium is the solution for harsh rough conditions and suitable to slippery icy roads especially for individual farms.
The Premium has designed to feeds in narrow path with high manoeuvrability thanks to the 4 wheels steering with 4X4 drive to chop in any bunker and drive on any roads.
The Premium is energy efficient and highly reliable mechanical machine, equipped with build – in controller to optimize the engine to hydrostatic pumps – Energy Consumption Management which reduce engine and pump wear and increase components´ life-time.
Load sensing hydraulic systems allow oil flow only when required. Diesel engine operates at 1700 rpm.
Main machine components are all manufactured by well-known manufactures – Deutz or Volvo engine, Sauer Danfoss hydraulics and Carraro axles and braking systems.
The Premium is a user friendly mechanically Self-propelled for operator and technician.


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Technical Specifications

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