TurboMix 20-30 (170-230 Cows/cycle)

General Information

TurboMix 20-30 (170-230 Cows/cycle)

[20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30]

RMH 4WD & 4WS Heavy Duty Self-Propelled Mixers TurboMix Family                                                     The long lasting Self Propelled Mixer.

With Available Capacity: Twin auger 20m3 to 30m3,The TurboMix is the biggest Self-Propelled Self-Loading mixer heavy machine for big operations, feed centers and contractors.
The TurboMix is energy efficient and highly reliable machine, with a range of features which reduce engine and pump wear and increase components´ life-time. Automatic transmission for more efficient farm and on-road driving.
Load sensing hydraulic systems allow oil flow only when required. Diesel engine operates at 1700 rpm. (Less than today´s regular 2200 rpm.)
All the main TurboMix structural components have been designed, developed and checked using the latest technology of finite element analysis. Main machine components are all manufactured by well-known manufactures – Volvo engine, Sauer Danfoss hydraulics and Carraro axles and braking systems.
The TurboMix is a user friendly machine, with superb human engineering, maximum operator efficiency with easy mechanical maintenance.


RMH_Turbomix silver – Chinese bro_HR


Rigid construction chassis with front and rear hydraulic suspensions.
Two vertical overlapping mixing augers with 3CR12 welded on the edge of the segments, rotating to anti clockwise with customized control 0- 50 R.P.M.
Elevated cab (Option)
4WD Four wheel drive - symmetrical driving machine with high off road attraction thanks to the PTO axles connection.
4WS Four wheel steering, crab and round steering at a farm mode.
Automotive driving acceleration pedal system.
High speed machine up to 40 km/h.
Fully computerized control including prioritized power distribution between all functions consisting.
Multiple R.P.M. front spiral chopper; housing manufactured from special 3CR12 stainless steel.
Mixing bin of 1 meter height from the floor; surrounding manufactured from 3CR12 stainless steel.
Adjustable slider chain discharge conveyor.

Technical Specifications

TurboMix22 2231224025010.316.710
TurboMix24 2431824025010.517.210
TurboMix26 2634424025010.517.912
TurboMix28 2834124027310.918.212
TurboMix30 3036124028010.518.612
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