VSL (110-140 Cows/cycle)

General Information

VSL (110-140 Cows/cycle)

[14, 16, 18]

RMH Heavy Duty Mechanical ECO Self-Propelled Mixers VSL Family. Available Capacity: Single auger 14m3 to 18m3.The VSL is our classis self-propelled is long lasting machine for medium individual farm.
The VSL has improved feed quality and waste reducing processing method.
The VSL is energy efficient and highly reliable machine, with a range of features which reduce engine and pump wear and increase components´ life-time.
Load sensing hydraulic systems allow oil flow only when required. Diesel engine operates at 1700 rpm. (Less than today´s regular 2200 rpm.)
Main machine components are all manufactured by well-known manufactures – Deutz engine, Sauer Danfoss and Bosch Rexroth hydraulics.


Technical Specifications

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