SM twin auger.

General Information

SM twin auger.

[18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28]

The RMH Stationary mixers – Plug and feed, the customized mixer for individual farms which meet all of the requirements for Automatic or Manual feeding processes.
Available Capacity: Twin augers from 16m3 to 30m3 Overlapping augers .
The Static Mixer is an evolutionary Stationary Mixer with many years of working experience in different farms around the world combining automatic feeding systems with an emphasis on homogeneity mixing.
The Stationary Mixer has improved the quality of feed through the automated ingredient management and variable mixing speed which in turn makes the Static Mixers cost-effective.

The Static Mixer is energy efficient and a highly reliable machine which reduces electricity consumption because of the 100% suitable shaped auger and the fitted height of the mixer bin.


Technical Specifications

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