Magnum 26 -32 m3

General Information

Magnum 26 -32 m3

[28, 30, 32]

Twin auger Heavy duty trailer mixer feeder

Specially designed for large farms as well as for regional feeding centers .

The Magnum is best suited for heavy duty work for many years.Newly released to the market of 2012, the Magnum is based on a wider bin compare to all other RMH trailer mixers.
It is assembled by highly durable components and its chassis designed for long distance drive.

the special mixing bin design enable :
*very short mixing cycle time.                                                                                                                       *High homogeneity and processing fiber material length to 6-10 cm which is the optimum length for milking cows


Heavy duty trailer mixer for large dairy farms or regional feeding centers.
Rear axle is steering.
2 speed gearbox as standard.
Discharge doors are available in the front, rear and at the side.
Very wide rear discharge door to allow very quick discharge
Reinforced chassis designed for long distance drive

Technical Specifications

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