Mixell 8

General Information

Mixell 8


Compact and economic  solution with all the advantages of a large trailer 


The RMH small range is particularly designed
for use on limited spaces such as a small barn
that have limited passages headroom. one mixing load
can prepare 35-60 milking cows rations

The machine is highly maneuverable and requires
a small tractor to operate the mixer. The
mixer has outstanding performance in round
bales cutting. This small range models were
designed as cost effective machines.



Possible options:
Front or rear cross conveyor belt.
Discharge doors on the right and left hand side, with or without funnels
Additional foldable conveyor belt for especially high troughs.
Special RMH controller on the mixer.

Technical Specifications

Short chassis for exceptional maneuverability
Low and narrow construction for barn passage with low headroom.
Unique tall auger which enables cutting and mixing round bales
More knives per mixing auger
Cardan shaft drive for smooth running and long durability.
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